After so many years’ experience we can justifiably claim to be able to teach anyone to swim. Even the most difficult or nervous pupil will learn to swim well. If you have the time, we have the patience, the interest, the enthusiasm and the method.

Our swimming lessons will encourage your children to associate challenge and learning with excitement and fun - to associate fun with learning. They learn how to learn. In this way, lessons at an early age can be more important than a university education!

Swimming is a LIFE SKILL.

Being able to swim may one day save your child’s life. Few other sports can make that claim!

Our teachers encourage your child to achieve the most of their ability each lesson. They are flexible in their approaches so your child receives individual attention.

Your child is never held back because other children in the class need to practise a more basic skill. In the same way, your child is never rushed to keep up with other children in the class. The focus is on individual attention to your child’s learning needs.

Every pupil receives an equal amount of attention.

Our programs cover a range of aquatic abilities. We have programs for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, beginners, advanced, squads and adults.

Come and swim with us to discover a lifetime love of water.



  1. BulletLessons for all ages from 3 months old

  1. Bulletheated indoor private pool

  1. BulletMineral Water Pool - minimal chlorine

  1. Bulletwater heated to 32 degrees celsius

  1. Bullet small class sizes give learners individual attention -maximum of 4 pupils / class

  1. Bullet30 minute lessons

  1. BulletMake up lessons encouraged

  1. Bulletclosed for all State School holidays and Public Holidays