1. Bullet Most adults who are unable to swim either:

  2. are very afraid of total  immersion in water; 

  3. have never been taught swimming breathing skills in a relaxed and efficient manner, so they find swimming too tiring and difficult.

  4. BulletOur staff will assess  your capabilities, then lead you through a step by step process to develop your confidence and water skills with the aim of having you much safer in and around water.

  1. BulletMany drowning fatalities are caused by adults overestimating their swimming abilities. Without practice we lose the ability to be able to swim a reasonable distance to be considered safer in water. Adult classes will give you the practice and improve your efficiency.



  1. BulletYou are never too old to learn

  2. BulletBe able to enjoy swimming with your family and friends

  3. BulletImprove your health and fitness

  4. BulletHave the confidence to exercise in water

  5. BulletExercising in water can give you freedom of movement

  6. BulletImprove your stroke to swim more efficiently and easily

When are classes?